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and Wikia Staff: These users are employees or contractors of Wikia Inc. . Wikia's headquarters are in San Francisco, but many staff work remotely, located around the world so that we can provide support to the communities around the clock

Relation between Religion Wiki staff and Wikia Staff

The Wikia Community Team is not reflected with the Religion Wiki Staff (global admins, admins, mods) or is hosting the MediaWiki software and is supporting Religion Wiki in this Area. Wikia is not involved in any Religion Wiki project outside the

The FANDOM Community Team are members of the FANDOM Staff who help to support and grow all of our communities. We work on a variety of projects and are who you can turn to with questions or concerns. Meet the members of the team below!

Community Team

The Community Team are FANDOM staff members who can help with any issues on any FANDOM site.

Contact us using Special:Contact and let us know how we can help you with your community.

Community Support & Engagement Team

Community Development Team

Community Technical


Wikia Staff use signatures on the wiki that link to this page (@fandom). Usually these are Community Team members, so you can check the validity of their signature on that page. If you're concerned that a non-staff member is using one, please let us know!

forums and website

The Wikia Community team is not involved in the forums and website. They can't support in the religion Wiki forums and the religion Wiki website. These are fully maintained by


Religion Wiki has renamed the ranks which the central wikia is using;

Religion Wiki ranks Wikia ranks
Global Administrator Bureaucrat
Administrator Bureaucrat
Moderator Sysop
Portal Moderator Rollback

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This page is an official policy on Religion Wiki. It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow. If you are part of the administration, please feel free to update this page as needed, but make sure that changes you make to this policy really do reflect Religion Wiki's perspective before you make them.

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