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Religion Wiki welcomes religions on almost any topic. However, your articles must contain no hate, no libel, no pornographic content, and no copyright infringement.

Free content

Text on Religion Wiki is by default available under a free content license, meaning the information you put on the wiki can be copied and reused by anyone. This is very important to our goal of increasing the amount of free content in the world, but isn't always what creators are looking for when searching for a wiki host.

Although some fair use material may be included in our Wiki's, Religion Wiki aims to be a repository of free content.

Public editing

Wikis are about working together, and all Wiki projects are open to the public to view and edit. Unnecessary page protection is a common mistake that is considered harmful to wiki development. A clear statement of the wiki's goals is a better way to promote your vision than technical restrictions.

Religion Wiki pages are run as community projects, not private websites. They are not owned by their founders. Consensus and cooperation should be the primary means for organizing a wiki.

Public viewing

All Religion Wiki projects are publicly viewable. There is no option to prevent people from reading any of the pages in a wiki.

No abuse

Articles which consist only of offensive material or personal attacks will be removed.

Please contact the Religion Wiki staff to report any abusive wiki name that we have missed, or if the filter mistakenly prevents you from using an innocent name.

Additional guidelines

Living people

Please be cautious about creating wikis (even humorous ones) about living people, including classmates and teachers, gaming clans, forum communities, and more. Personal information should never be revealed against a person's wishes. Remember that any article that uses a person's real name can show up prominently in internet searches, and may become a target of pranks or malice long after the original authors have moved on.

What is acceptable will vary depending on the type of wiki, but if problem content is not dealt with in good faith by the project's community, Religion Wiki staff may remove or alter pages (or entire wikis) that are deemed libelous, offensive, or distressing.

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Our Creating Policy is based on our Wiki host Wikia Policy

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