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Contact is developed with an honest purpose.

Concerning our website:

  • I declare that my site has only legal content
  • I declare that my site does not contain or promote; Pornography, hatred, propaganda, racism, warez, nudity, hacking activities, violence, degradation, harm or slander.
  • I comfirm that i have installed an updated Anti-Virus Software, which is correctly installed, configured, activated, and updated with the latest version of virus definitions.
  • I agree if my PC get infected by any viruses, Trojans, Worms or any other forms of malicious code, I shall disconnect my PC from the Internet until the problem is resolved. By doing this I will ensure that I will not spread any viruses to third parties through my e-mails, or through any files that I may upload to my web site
  • I agree to observe the No Spam Policy .
  • I also agree to delete spam, chain, and other junk e-mail without forwarding them to third parties.gree that we haven't setup this award program for profanity reasons
  • I agree that my website is childfriendly, family friendly.
  • I agree that my site can safely be viewed by any member of the family; being both children and adults

Concerning our web-logs

  • In our weblogs I give my personal opinions however I declare that I wont insult opinions from others
  • People can ad comments to my articles. I declare that I guard these comments.

Concerning the Encyclopedia ( sites):

  • I declare that I will guard the wiki's against; Pornography, hatred, propaganda, racism, warez, nudity, hacking activities, violence, degradation, harm or slander.

Stated by Friso Yoyon Schaap



An ethical code is adopted by an organization in an attempt to assist those in the organization called upon to make a decision (usually most, if not all) understand the difference between 'right' and 'wrong' and to apply this understanding to their decision. The ethical code therefore generally implies documents at three levels.

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