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Our Wiki's are hosted on Wikia servers. Wikia is responsible for the hosting payment there for has agreed that Wikia may advertise thirdparties in the Wiki's.

If you are interested in advertising in the Wiki's please visit Wikia Advertising

The website is hosted by If you are interested in advertising on the website please contact [religionwiki@gmail.Religion Wiki Advertising]

Online behavioral advertising

Wikia may use Online behavioral advertising ("OBA") or multi-site advertising on some wikis. We collect data on the number of pages you visit per day, in order to support frequency capped advertising campaigns for certain advertisers or to improve the ad targeting based on the types of wikis you visit on Wikia. Third parties may also leave a cookie with your browser to track your visits to Wikia. We do not transfer data to third parties. Wikia users may opt out of this on the site.

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