Religion-wiki is a Wikia for all religions to co-exist. Its pages are for information on different religions and the meaning of religion, and the practical side of the religious life and community. The moto here is for all religions and none, and that is interpreted to mean that inclusivity and openness are the guiding principles.

As a Wikia, Religion-wiki is one of many that make up Wikia, each serving a different interest group. Each Wikia is a wiki, a freely editable website. Anyone can edit Religion-wiki, and its free content is created with the MediaWiki software. It is hosted for free by Wikia, the company which runs the project. Anyone is free to start a new Wikia in accordance with the Wikia creation policy and terms of use.

Wikia was founded by Angela Beesley and Jimmy Wales in October 2003.

Religion-wiki (English) was founded on 20 December 2004 by Mattis Manzel.

News about Wikia can be found at Wikia:news and Wikia:press releases. See also the reasons to use Wikia, what Wikia is not, and then explore or browse the site. Further information and discussion about Religion-wiki can be found either at the Religion-wiki:Community Portal or the Religion-wiki:Forum. Religion-wiki articles can be browsed by either starting at What is religion? or by searching for them on the Complete index.


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The text of Religion-wiki is freely licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). Reusers of the content must retain it under the same licence, ensuring it remains free. Please read the text of the GNU Free Documentation License for full details of this licence. See also Designated agent.

Database download

The MySQL database of Religion-wiki is available for download under the terms of the GFDL.

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