Saint Reineldis
Saint Reineldis as a pilgrim to the Holy Land, by the Master of Elsloo, circa 1530
Virgin and Martyr
Born c. 630, Condacum
Died c. 700, Saintes, Brabant, Belgium
Major shrine Saintes, where her relics are kept
Feast 16 July
Attributes sword or pelgrim's staff
Patronage open wounds, against eye diseases

Saint Reineldis (also Reinhild, Reinaldes, Rainelde among others) (c. 630 - c. 700) was a saint of the 7th century, martyred by the Huns.


Reineldis was born in a place called Condacum (which is identified with either Condé-sur-l'Escaut or Kontich). She was the daughter of Duke Witger of Lotharingia and Saint Amalberga of Maubeuge. Her brother Saint Emebert was a priest in the diocese of Cambrai. Her biography mentions Saint Gudula as her sister. Her mother entered the religious life at Maubeuge Abbey.

Reineldis made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Her vita, written between 1048-1051 in Lobbes Abbey, [1] records this fact, stating that she visited Jerusalem.

She returned home and devoted herself to a life of charitable work at Saintes.[2] She was killed (decapitated) by the Huns at Saintes, toghether with deacon Grimoaldus and her servant Gondulphus.

Saintes E1a JPG

The Saint Reineldis church (1553) in Saintes (Belgium).


Saint Reineldis is primarily venerated in Saintes as patron saint. Some sources even indicate that Saintes owes its name to Reineldis' martyrdom.[3]

The parish church of Saintes is dedicated to Sainte-Renelde since the Middle Ages and has preserved the relics of Saint Reineldis. This church has a large bell tower built in the 17th century.[4][5]

Saintes Fon1a JPG

The Saint Reineldis fountain (1861) in Saintes (Belgium).

Saint Reineldis' patronage for eye diseases is due to the association with a water well in Saintes known as "Sainte Renelde's well", water which is believed to cure eye diseases.[4][6]


Reineldis is commonly depicted with a sword or being dragged by her hair, referring to the decapitation. She is also portrayed as a pilgrim, because of her journey to the Holy Land.


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