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District North
Government Local council (from 1968)
Hebrew רֵינָה, ריינה
Arabic لرينة
Also spelled Reine (officially)
Population 15,300 (2005)
Area 10902 dunams (10.902 km2; 4.209 sq mi)
Coordinates 32°43′19.79″N 35°18′55.21″E / 32.7221639°N 35.3153361°E / 32.7221639; 35.3153361Coordinates: 32°43′19.79″N 35°18′55.21″E / 32.7221639°N 35.3153361°E / 32.7221639; 35.3153361

Reineh, or Reine (Arabic: الرينة‎; Hebrew: רֵינָה‎) is an Israeli Arab village in the Galilee, located between Nazareth and Qana of Galilee. The village attained Local council status in 1968. As of 2004, Reineh is home to 15,300 residents, of which 80% are Muslim Arab, 19.3% are Christian Arab and the minuscule remainder being Druze Arabs, according to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics.


The village is believed to be located on the site of ancient Abel, whence flowed water to Sepphoris. Until 1927 the village was located north of the Nazareth highway, but a destructive earthquake led its inhabitants to resettle south of the road in its present location.

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