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So­ī so­ī saḏā sacẖ sāhib sācẖā sācẖī nā­ī.
That Lord and Master - He is True, forever True; He is True, and True is His Name.
Hai bẖī hosī jā­ė na jāsī racẖnā jin racẖā­ī.
He who created the creation is True, and He shall always be True; He shall not depart, even when the creation departs.
Rangī rangī bẖāṯī kar kar jinsī mā­i­ā jin upā­ī.
He created the world of Maya with its various colors and species.
Kar kar ḏėkẖai kīṯā apṇā ji­o ṯis ḏī vadi­ā­ī.
Having created the creation, He Himself watches over it, as it pleases His Greatness.
Jo ṯis bẖāvai so­ī karsī fir hukam na karṇā jā­ī.
Whatever pleases Him, that is what He does. No one can issue any commands to Him.
So pāṯisāhu sāhā paṯ sāhib Nānak rahaṇ rajā­ī. ((1)(1))

He is the King, the King of Kings, the Emperor of Kings! Nanak lives in surrender to His Will. ((1)(1))

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