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Rāg āsā mehlā 1 gẖar 1 so ḏar.
Raag Aasaa, first section, first house ~ that door:
So ḏar ṯėrā kėhā so gẖar kėhā jiṯ bahi sarab samĥālė.
Where is that door; which is that house; sitting from where You take care of all?
vājė ṯėrė nāḏ anėk asankẖā kėṯė ṯėrė vāvaṇhārė.
Countless musical instruments; of such variety, vibrate for You; where are these musicians who play for You.
Kėṯė ṯėrė rāg parī si­o kahī­ahi kėṯė ṯėrė gāvaṇhārė.
where are the fairies singing these Ragas; where are all these singers
Gāvniĥ ṯuḏẖno pa­uṇ pāṇī baisanṯar gāvai rājā ḏẖaram ḏu­ārė.
The wind, water and fire sing to You; the Judge of Righteousness sings at Your Door.
Gāvniĥ ṯuḏẖno cẖiṯ gupaṯ likẖ jāṇan likẖ likẖ ḏẖaram vīcẖārė.
the recording angels, the pure writers, sing to You and continuously write for righteousness to be decided*1.
Gāvniĥ ṯuḏẖno īsar barahmā ḏėvī sohan ṯėrė saḏā savārė.
Isvar, Brahma and Devi, so beautiful and ever adorned by You, sing to You.
Gāvniĥ ṯuḏẖno inḏar inḏarāsaṇ baiṯẖė ḏėviṯi­ā ḏar nālė.
The Indras, seated upon their celestial thrones, with the deities at Your door, sing to You.
Gāvniĥ ṯuḏẖno siḏẖ samāḏẖī anḏar gāvniĥ ṯuḏẖno sāḏẖ bīcẖārė.
The Siddhas in meditation sing to You, and the Holy Saints, in their deep thoughts, sing to You.
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  • *1: the recording angels of the conscious and the subconscious (Chitar and Gupat), the true writers, sing to You and continuously write for righteousness to be decided.


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