Edgar in Regularis Concordia

King Edgar seated between St. Aethelwold and St. Dunstan. From an eleventh-century manuscript of the Regularis Concordia (British Libray, Cotton, Tiberius A III, f2v).[1]

The Regularis Concordia, or Monastic Agreement, was a document produced at Winchester, England, in about 970.

The document was compiled by Æthelwold, who was aided by monks from Fleury and Ghent. A synodal council was summoned to construct a common rule of life to be observed by all monasteries. The resulting compilation of various Western European monastic practices did not contain much that was unique to English customs. It did specify a procedure for the election of bishops that differed from Continental practice, and which led to a predominantly monastic episcopacy.[2]


  • London, BL, MS Faustina B III, f. 159r-198r.
  • London, BL, MS Tiberius A III, f. 3-27.


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Primary sources

Regularis Concordia
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Ælfric's Letter to the monks of Eynsham
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Old English versions
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