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Each day in the Catholic liturgical calendar has a rank. The four basic ranks are as follows:

  • Solemnity--the highest ranking feast. These commemorate an event in the life of Jesus, Mary or the Apostles central to the Christian faith. The celebration of mass on a Solemnity includes proper readings, the singing of the Gloria and the recitation of the creed. Every Sunday is a solemnity.
  • Feast--the rank of secondary liturgical days including lesser events in the life of Jesus, Mary or an Apostle (theologically speaking) or for major saints.
  • Memorial--the commemoration of a saint of lesser importance. Many memorials are optional or only observed in specific dioceses, regions or nations.
  • Seasonal Weekday--a weekday in a "strong" liturgical season (Advent, Christmas Season, Lent, Easter Season) on which no solemnity, feast, or memorial is observed.
  • Feria or Ferial Weekday--a weekday in ordinary time on which no solemnity, feast or memorial is observed.

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