Ramot (Hebrew: רָמוֹת‎, lit. Hills) is an Israeli settlement, moshav, near the eastern shores of the Sea of Galilee in the western Golan Heights in northern Israel. It belongs to the Golan Regional Council. It is named "Ramot" because it is located on two hills.


The community is located on a small hill which is the lowest step on the slope that falls from the Golan Heights to the Kinneret, about 10 meters (33 ft) below sea level (compared to the Kinneret which is about 210 meters (689 ft) below sea level). The community is 2 kilometers (1 mi) east of the Kinneret and 7 kilometers (4 mi) north of Ein Gev.


The moshav was founded in 1969. Originally the founders lived in the houses of the abandoned village Skopye, then after two years they moved to temporary "triangle" houses in what is know the Ramot recreation village. In 1973 the settled in the current location of Ramot.


As of 1993, 360 people lived there, including 71 families with 180 children.


The economy of the community is based on growing bananas, mangos, lychee, palm trees, guava and avocado, flowers, chicken coops, cattle for meat and milk, and sheep.

There is a large recreation village.

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  • מיכה לבנה, גולן - 20 שנה ועוד 2000, משרד הביטחון הוצאה לאור, 1993. (Hebrew)

Coordinates: 32°50′57.84″N 35°40′3.36″E / 32.8494°N 35.6676°E / 32.8494; 35.6676

cs:Ramot (Golanské výšiny)

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