Camp Ramah Darom, opened in 1997, is a Jewish summer camp located in Clayton, Georgia. The camp is affiliated with the National Ramah Commission, the national parent organization that oversees all Ramah overnight camps, day camps, and Israel programs. Ramah is sponsored by the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, a main hub for Conservative Judaism.

The summer is divided into two four-week sessions, Aleph and Bet. Generally campers attend one session, while some opt to go both sessions. The minimum edah (age-group) to attend either Session Aleph or Bet is Nitzanim. rising 4th graders. The minimum edah to attend both Session Aleph and Bet is Chalutzim, rising 6th graders. However, for the oldest edah, Gesher, attendance to both sessions is mandatory.

At the conclusion of the 2007 Summer season Rabbi Sykes, the camp's first Director, stepped down. In addition, Ross Sadoff stepped down as Assistant Director. Geoff Menkowitz, a former Assistant Director, will be replacing Rabbi Sykes as Director of Camp Ramah Darom.

The camp also hosts Camp Yofi, a special 5-day session (held before and after the main sessions) for families with autistic children. Programs and activities are provided for the children and their siblings, as well as the parents.

Divisions (Edahs)

  • Nitzanim ("Flower Buds"): Entering 4th grade
  • Sollelim ("Pathfinders"): Entering 5th grade
  • Chalutzim ("Pioneers"): Entering 6th grade
  • Kochavim ("Stars"): Entering 7th grade
  • Shoafim ("Strivers"): Entering 8th grade
  • Nachshonim ("Brave Ones"): Entering 9th grade
  • Nivonim ("Wise Ones"): Entering 10th grade
  • Gesher ("Bridge"): Entering 11th grade (a mandatory 8-week program)

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