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Ralph Corbie (Corby, Corbington, at times Corrington) (25 March 1598, near Dublin - 7 September 1644) was an Irish Jesuit. He is a Catholic martyr, beatified in 1929.


A brother of Ambrose Corbie, from the age of five he spent his childhood in the north of England. Then going over seas he studied at Saint-Omer, Seville, and Valladolid, where he was ordained. Having become a Jesuit about 1626, he came to England about 1631 and laboured at Durham.

He was seized by the Parliamentarians at Hamsterley, 8 July, 1644, when clothed in his Mass vestments, conveyed to London, and committed to Newgate Prison (22 July) with his friend John Duckett, a secular priest. At their trial (Old Bailey, 4 September), they both admitted their priesthood, were condemned to death, and executed at Tyburn, 7 September.

Stonyhurst has a relic of Father Corbie; for the Duke of Gueldres's attestation in 1650 of other relics, see Foley's "Records S.J.", I, 564; the "Certamen" portrait is reproduced in "Records", VII, (I), 168; for his letters see vol. III, 69 sqq., of the same work. The Corbie alias, according to Foley [op. cit., VII (II), 898] was Carlington or Carlton.


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This article incorporates text from the entry Venerable Ralph Corbie in Catholic Encyclopedia of 1913, a publication now in the public domain.

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