Rainiero d'Elci (March 7, 1671, Florence – June 22, 1761, Rome) was an Italian Cardinal.

He was ordained in 1699. He entered papal service in the following year and held several offices both in Roman Curia and in the papal territorial administration. He was Inquisitor of Malta from 1711 until 1716.

He was consecrated titular archbishop of Rodi at the end of 1730. He served as apostolic nuncio in France 1731–1738. Pope Clement XII created him Cardinal on December 20, 1737, but did not publish it before the following June. In the same year he became archbishop of Ferrara, an office he held until 1740; he was then legate in that city.

He became bishop of Sabina (April 10, 1747), then bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina (April 9, 1753). He became Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals at the death of Pietro Luigi Carafa on December 15, 1755 and as such, he was transferred to the see of Ostia e Velletri (proper of the Dean) on January 12, 1756.

He presided over the Papal conclave, 1758. In spite of his advanced age, he received several votes during its celebration. He is buried in his titular church of S. Sabina in Rome.

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