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Ragaswarupa Pashadhya
Devanagari रागस्वरुप पाषाढ्या
Affiliation Devi / Shakti / Lalita sahasranama

Ragaswarupa Pashadhya;Sanskrit: रागस्वरुप पाषाढ्या is the Eighth name of Hindu goddess in Lalita Sahasranama.

Below are different meanings of this name, as per the Hindu Philosophy.

This name can be split into parts, Raga + Swarupa + Pashadhya

Raga : means the Rope (a weapon)

Swarupa : means like or similar

Pashadhya : means holding the weapon

The complete meaning is, the one who is holding the Rope.

This name explains the weapons that the Goddess carry in Her hand. The noose like weapon is in the Her hand. Another meaning of this is that human beings are always busy with their desires and the Goddess is the one who is holding the noose of these desires. She is the one who helps us to get rid of the unwanted desires, the impure desires in us.

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