Rachael Sage is a Jewish American songwriter.

She was born in Port Chester, NY and studied drama and ballet, before switching to music. She has released eight albums, as of August 2008, on her own label, MPress Records, and regularly tours both North America and Europe.

Sage is a self-taught pianist, influenced by her parents' Doo-Wop and Beatles records, as well as Broadway cast albums, creating early demos on a 4-track recording system she received as a Bat Mitzvah present. During Junior High school, Sage gained admission to the School of American Ballet. Sage attended Stanford University, earning a degree in Drama. Later, she was in the Actors Studio MFA program. Her performance in their New York Talent Search won Sage a place on the Village Stage of the 1997 Lilith Fair. The word theatrical has been used to describe Sage's sound. [1] Judy Collins calls Sage's music a great gift of incredible beauty, while legendary rock producer Tony Visconti has described her as "incredibly talented.[2] In early 2005, Sage's "Sacrifice" won in The 4th Annual Independent Music Awards for Best Folk/Singer-Songwriter Song. [3]


  • Morbid Romantic (1995)
  • Smashing the Serene (1998)
  • Painting of a Painting (2001)
  • Illusion's Carnival (2002)
  • Public Record (2003)
  • Ballads and Burlesque (2004)
  • The Blistering Sun (2006)
  • Chandelier (2008)


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