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The Raccolta is a book of Roman Catholic prayers for which specific indulgences have been pledged by Popes. It contains a number of prayers and novenas.

The Raccolta (literally meaning "a collection" in Italian) was first published in 1807 by Telesforo Galli, in assoociation with the Congregation of Indulgences. Following official approval by a Decree of December 15 1854, later editions (e.g. that of 1898) were issued directly by the Sacred Congregation of Indulgences as publications of the Holy See. It was also made forbidden to publish an entire translation of the Raccolta without Vatican approval of the translation from the original Latin.[1][2][3]

The Raccolta includes a number of hymns as well as prayers, each with associated indulgences if prayed in a group, e.g. the hymn "Te Splendor" receives different indulgences depending on how frequently it is said, and if with a group.

It also contains reparations for the Blessed Virgin Mary that include the doctrine of the Co-Redemption.


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