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Raëlian beliefs and practices concern the concepts and principles of the Raëlian Church, the religious mission of Claude Vorilhon, a former French auto racing journalist.[1][2] Followers of Raëlism are believers in the Elohim, an advanced race of extraterrestrials who created life on earth.[3] Raëlians are individualists who believe in sexual self-determination.[4] As advocates of the universal ethic and world peace, they believe the world would be better if geniuses had an exclusive right to govern.[5] As believers of life in outer space, they hope that human scientists will follow the path of the Elohim by achieving space travel through the cosmos and creating life on other planets.[3] As believers in the resurrection of Jesus Christ through a scientific cloning process (which includes memory transfer) by the Elohim, they encourage scientific research to extend life through cloning,[6] however critics outside are doubtful of its possibility.[7]

Active followers of Raëlianism have exhibited their sex-positive feminism and anti-war views through outdoor contacts such as parades.[8][9] The major initiation rite in the Raëlian Church is the baptism or Transmission of the Cellular Plan and is enacted by upper-level members in the Raëlian clergy known as guides.[10]


Structure of the Universe

Template:Further information Raël says that, "Everything is in everything." Inside the atoms of living things, he says, are living things made of atoms which themselves have living things made of atoms, and so on, to the infinitely small. The universe itself is contained in an atom inside of another universe, and so on, to the infinitely large. Because of the difference of mass, the activity of life inside in a living thing's atoms would undergo many millennia before enough time passes for that living thing to take a single step. Raëlians believe the universe is infinite and thus lacks a center. Because of this, one could not imagine an ethereal soul would go, due the universe's infinite nature. They believe that infinity exists in time as well as in space, for all levels of life.[11]

Intelligent Design

Creation of life on Earth by extraterrestrials

Template:Further information In his book The Message Given to me by Extra-terrestrials (now republished as Intelligent Design: Message from the Designers 2006 ISBN 2940252203), Claude Vorilhon claims that on December 13, 1973, he found a spacecraft shaped like a flattened bell that landed inside Puy de Lassolas, a volcano near the capital city of Auvergne. A 25,000-year-old human-like extraterrestrial inside the spacecraft named Yahweh said that Elohim was the name that primitive people of Earth called members of his extraterrestrial race—who were seen as "those who came from the sky". Yahweh explained that Earth was originally void of life, with thick clouds and shallow seas, but the Elohim came, broke apart the clouds, exposed the seas to sunlight, built a continent, and synthesized a global ecosystem. Solar astronomy, terraformation, nanotechnology, and genetic engineering allowed Elohim to adapt life to Earth's thermal and chemical makeup.[12]

Yahweh gave materialistic explanations of the Garden of Eden, a large laboratory that was based on an artificially constructed continent;[13] Noah's Ark, a spaceship that preserved DNA that was used to resurrect animals through cloning;[14][15] the Tower of Babel, a rocket that was supposed to reach the creators' planet;[16] and the Great Flood, the byproduct of a nuclear missile explosion that the Elohim sent.[17] After tidal wave floods following the explosions receded, Elohim scattered the Israelites and had them speak the language of other tribes.[16][18]

According to Vorilhon, Elohim contacted about forty people to act as their prophets on Earth,[19] including Moses,[20][21][22] Elijah,[20]Ezekiel,[23] Buddha,[21][22][24] John the Baptist,[25] Jesus,[20][21][22] Muhammad,[21][22][24] and Joseph Smith.[21][24] The religions thought to be from Elohimic origins include Judaism,[20] Buddhism,[24] Christianity,[20] Islam,[24] and Mormonism.[24]

From the Raëlian point of view, religious texts indicate that the Elohim would return at the age of Apocalypse or Revelation (unveiling of the truth). Humans from another world would appear to drop down from the sky and meet in the embassy they have asked Raël to build for them and share their advanced scientific knowledge with humanity. Thus, one of their stated main goals of the Raëlian movement is to inform as many people as possible about this extraterrestrial race.[26]

Humanity's chance of creating life on other planets

Raëlians believe that humanity would be able to create life on other planets only if it is peaceful enough to stop war. If done, humanity could travel the distances between stars[27] and create life on another planet.[28] Progress in terraformation, molecular biology,[29] and cloning would enable these teams to create continents and life from scratch.[30] Progress in social engineering would ensure that this creation would have a better chance of both surviving as well as having the potential to understand its creators.[31] Research on how globalization would occur on another planet would allow scientists to decide what traces of their origin should be left behind so that their role in life creation would someday be revealed.[32] The progress achieved by the science teams would ultimately sustain a perpetual chain of life.[33]

A coming judgement

Raëlians do not believe in reincarnation as dictated by mystical writings because they do not believe that an ethereal soul exists free of physical confinement.[34] Instead the Raëlians think that advanced supercomputers of the Elohim are right now recording the memories and DNA of human beings.[35] When Elohim release this information for the coming resurrection, people would be brought back from the dead and the judgments upon them would be realized based on actions in their past life. People excluded from physical recreation would include those who achieved nothing positive but were not evil.[36] Vorilhon expressed an interest in cloning Hitler for war trials and retroactive punishment.[37] Raël also mentioned cloning as the solution to terrorism by suicide attacks, as the perpetrators would not be able to escape punishment by killing themselves if the Elohim recreated them after their attacks.[38]


Liberal sensuality

Template:Further information

Raëlian Winter Seminar (February 2000) in Toulon France

Raëlian winter seminar (February 2000) in Toulon, France

According to Vorilhon's book Sensual Meditation, one should develop the ability to break free of habitual thoughts that prevent one from appreciating everyday phenomena.[39] The book describes in detail six different meditations involving make full use of the lungs capacity to expand and contract, oxygenating the blood and the cells within, imagining heat travelling upwards from toe the head, allowing the skin to feel under itself, and experiencing touch with another person's body and examining their figure.[40]

According to the book Maitreya by Claude Vorilhon, love involves experiencing different varieties and possibilities that allow one to break habits in order to make life more pleasant and interesting[41] and that it is the only thing which can stop war and injustice that persists in today's world.[42] Raëlians believe in the right to form new religions or new political parties as long as they do not promote violence.[43] As individualists, Raëlians believe that the one who gives the order to harm others is less at fault than the one who executes it.[44]

Raëlians say they encourage adult homosexual, bisexual, and heterosexual relationships and that society should recognize them legally.[45] However, government authorities such as those in Switzerland fear that Raëlians are a threat to public morals for supporting liberalized sex education for children. The authorities believe that such liberalized sex education teaches youth how to obtain sexual gratification which would encourage sexual abuse of underage children.[46] The Raëlians disagree with those fears and stated that sex education done properly would involve educating parents as well as children.[47]

Cloning of humans

Template:Further information In the scientific community, reproductive cloning refers only to the creation of a genetically identical living thing. "Genetically identical" does not mean altogether identical; this kind of cloning does not reproduce a living thing's memories or experiences, for example. However, in discussions of Raëlianism, cloning sometimes seems to refer not only to reproductive cloning, but also reproductive human cloning plus mind and/or brain transfer, or to a process of making adult clones.[48] Raëlians take this even further and say that humanity can attain eternal life through the science of cloning.[49]

According to the book Yes to Human Cloning, the first stage of this extended cloning process is creating a human embryo through human cloning. Raëlian bishop and Clonaid CEO Brigitte Boisselier claimed that an American woman underwent a cloning procedure of this type that led to the birth of a girl named Eve in December 26, 2002. Claude Vorilhon told lawmakers that banning the development of human cloning was comparable to outlawing medical advances such "antibiotics, blood transfusions, and vaccines."[50]

The second stage of cloning, according to Raëlians, is causing the clone to mature faster than normal. Raël says that in the future, scientists will discover an "accelerated-growth process"[51] in which a process like guided self-assembly of rapidly expanded cells or even nanotechnological assembly of a whole human body can form in a very short time.[49]

The third stage is the transfer of memory and personality from the original person to the mature clone.[49] For the process to maintain one branch one personality and memory, as opposed to two, a recording of the individual's mind would be required before the time of death, and would be transferred to an adult clone body after the original has died.[49]

In the final stages of development, hitherto unknown information contained within undamaged DNA would be enough to bring others back from the dead[52] including their memories and personality.[53][38] This would be done by taking a small sample from someone's body and preserving it at the time when the level of the brain's efficiency and knowledge is highest. On the day of death, a cell would be taken from the sample for the cloning to take place, and the memories and personality would be restored to their peak level.[54]

Ideas on how government and the economy should run

Template:Further information According to the book Geniocracy, the form of government most effective for creating a worldwide political union is one that favors intelligence over mediocrity. While having a democratic electoral apparatus, it differs from traditional liberal democracy by requiring members of the electorate to meet a minimum standard of intelligence. The thresholds proposed by the Raëlians are 50% above average for a candidate and 10% above average for a voter.[55] Raëlians believe that a world government is only possible by the establishment of a global currency, a common language, and transformation of militaries of the world into civil police.[56] An anti-cult organization called Info-Cult argued that Geniocracy was a fascist ideology.[50] However, Geniocracy is not a political party because it allows for differing political viewpoints.[57]

In Raël's book, Extraterrestrials took me to their planet, Raël claims that an extraterrestrial gave him the idea of Economic Humanitarianism. Under the establishment of Economic Humanitarianism, people would not have ownership of businesses or exploitable goods created by others. Instead, people would rent each of them for a period of 49 years. The founders would be able to receive the rents for up to 49 years or when they die, which ever is later. Any rents not inherited by relatives after 49 years would go to the State.[58] By balancing inheritances, children would be born with enough financial means to forsake menial tasks for endeavors that may benefit the whole of humanity. Family houses could be inherited from generation to generation, free of rent.[59]

In his much later book, Maitreya, Raël says the road to a world without money is capitalism and globalisation, as opposed to communism. Capitalism would allow those who contribute much to society to also contribute to its scientific and technological development. Under capitalism, society would produce as much money as it can. The money would become important in the short run as nanotechnology quickly lowers the cost of goods while putting many people out of work.[60]

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