The Quilliam Foundation is a British "counter extremism think tank. Created by former activists of radical Islamist organisations, our founders are familiar with the mindset and methods of extremist groups. Now under the guidance of mainstream Muslim scholars, we believe that Western Muslims should revive Western Islam, our Andalusian heritage of pluralism and respect, and thereby find harmony in West-Islam relations." [1] [2]


Accessed April 2008: [3]

  • Maajid Nawaz - Director
  • Ed Husain - Co-Director
  • Rashad Ali - Head of Research and Policy
  • Ashraf al-Hoque – Research Fellow


Accessed April 2008: [4]

  • Shaikh BaBikr Ahmed BaBikr
  • Usama Hassan
  • Ghayasudin Siddiqui
  • Michael Gove MP
  • Musharraf Hussain al-Azhari
  • Reza Aslan
  • Parvin Ali, OBE
  • Sherin Khankan
  • Giles Fraser
  • Paddy Ashdown
  • Shaikh Abdel-Aziz Al-Bukhari
  • Timothy Garton Ash
  • Abdul Hameed al-Ansari
  • Shaikh Ali al-Saleh al-Najafi
  • Catherine Fieshci
  • David Goodhart
  • David Green


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