Qui Pluribus - (On Faith And Religion) was a Papal Encyclical promulgated by Pius IX.[1] It attacked the belief that reason should be put above faith.

It singled out the free gift of anti-Catholic Bibles. Its coupling of political liberalism and religious indifferentism is seen as a condemnation of the Italian Carbonari in particular and Freemasonry in general.[2]


Distribution of Bibles

The Roman Catholic Church no longer forbids the distribution of Bibles and actually collaborates with biblical societies since the time of the Council's declaration Dei Verbum.

Religious pluralism

Qui Pluribus' opposition to religious pluralism was considerably softened by the constitutions of the Second Vatican Council. In particular, Gaudium et Spes approves of the pluralistic culture of modernity, while Dignitatis Humanae supports Church-State separation and human rights.

Opposition to Freemasonry

Papal denunciations of Freemasonry are officially still in force.

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  2. "While not mentioning Masonry directly, it criticizes those it does not identify for those same faults that the previous papal pronouncements imputed to Freemasonry, and is regarded as an anti-Masonic pronouncement by some Catholic sources." ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH LAW REGARDING FREEMASONRY by REID McINVALE, Texas Lodge of Research
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