Qasimiya or The Qasmi order, is a Naqshbandi in origin, and is based in a small village called Mohra Shareef located in the Murree hills of Punjab, Pakistan outside the Pakistani capital of Islamabad. It was made into a spiritual center by Baba Ji Muhammad Qasim Sadiq (b. 1263 A.H.).

After the death of Baba Ji Muhammad Qasim Sadiq on the 20th November 1943 the order at Mohra Sharif split into two based upon some familial differences. One of these sects was led by his third son Pir Muhammad Zahid Khan Also sometimes referred as Pir Khan Sahib Khawaja Gharib Nawaz. According to the followers of the order, Pir Muhammad Zahid Khan was chosen by Baba Ji Muhammad Qasim Sadiq in his lifetime but this claim is disputed by the followers of Nisbat-e-Rasooli, the other order holding seat in Mohra Sharif.

During his lifetime, Pir Muhammad Zahid Khan appointed his eldest son, Pir Aftab Ahmed Qasmi, his successor. But Pir Aftab Ahmed Qasmi died a year before Pir Muhammad Zahid Khan.

Pir Muhammad Zahid Khan died on December 9, 1993 and after his death the order was led by his second son Pir Keumras Badshah also known as Khawaja Pir Badshah Sahib, who died on 13 August, 2008. After Pir Badshah's death, Pir Auliya Badshah Farooq become the Sajjada Nasheen (Custodian of Saint's Tomb) of Qasimiya order at Mohra Sharif.

Religious festivals

Twice a year, in last week of May and November, there are congregations, attended by thousands, held to commemorate Pir Baba Ji Muhammad Qasim Sadiq, Pir Muhammad Zahid Khan and Khawaja Pir Aftab Ahmed Qasmi.

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Mohra Sharif Darbar

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