Pure Flix Entertainment

Pure Flix Entertainment is a Christian production and distribution company located in Scottsdale, Arizona [1] with offices in Torrance, California, and St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.[2].

Managing Partners

  • Micheal Scott
  • David A.R. White
  • Russell Wolfe
  • Byron M. Jones
  • Randy Travis
  • Liz Travis

List of Films

List of Films produced and distributed by Pure Flix Entertainment.

Contact Pure Flix Entertainment

Pure Flix Entertainment LLC.
Suite 25,
8040 East Morgan Trail,
Scottdales, AZ (Arizona) , U.S.A. 85258

phone: (480)991-2258

Pure Flix Entertainment Mrketing
Suite 301,
55 King Street,
St. Catherines, ON (Ontario), Canada L2S3P5


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