Punon (Hebrew: פּוּנֹן) is an ancient city in the Arava, Jordan. It was a center of Copper and Iron mining from the early Chalcolithic c 4th millenium BC to biblical times and was exploited for copper nuggets (precious stones)[1] in the Neolithic back as early as the 7th millenium BC. Some of the earliest smelters in history have been found in this region. There is a fortress on the wadi Guwair [2] Punon was one of the places (or "stations") visited by the Israelites during the Exodus. [3] Its the place where the story of the Exodus says the Isrealites grumbled about lack of bread and water and were attacked by snakes. [4]



  1. The name means precious stone probably the malachite associated with the copper minining.
  2. Today it is called Feinan.
  3. "They traveled from Tzalmonah, and encamped in Punon." (Numbers 33:42)
  4. Near Punon is a place with many cobra snakes called Nachas, which means snakes in Arabic. Techinnah the father of Ir-Nachash" 1Ch,4:12. to call out a prayer
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