Psilocybe tampanensis is a very rare psychedelic mushroom whose only known natural specimen was collected in the wild by Steven Pollock, near Tampa, Florida in 1977. All spores and cultivations of this species nowadays are originated from this only specimen. It has never again been seen in Florida but a second sighting was reported from Mississippi, however no culturable material was obtained. Psilocybe tampanensis forms psychoactive sclerotia that are known under the nickname Philosopher's stone.


  • The cap is 1 — 2.4 cm broad, convex, expanding in age to plane or umbilicate, smooth, not striate, ochraceous brown to straw brown to grey brown, buff to yellowish-grey when dry, slight bluish tones, hygrophanous, and subviscid when wet.
  • The gills are adnexed and brown to dark purple brown with lighter edges.
  • The spores are purplish-brown in deposit and 8 — 10(12) x 6 — 8.8 µm,
  • The stipe is 2 — 6 cm long, 1 — 2 mm thick, equal to enlarging near the base. The fibrils are near the apex. The partial veil is cortinate, soon disappearing, and does not usually leave an annular zone on the stipe. It is flesh whitish to yellowish, bruising blue when injured.
  • The taste and odor are Farinaceous.
  • Microscopic features: The pluerocystidia are absent. The cheilocystidia are 16 — 22 x 4 — 9 µm, lageniform, with a flexous thin neck, 2 — 3 µm thick, and irregularly branching infrequently.


The taste is also very different from other magic mushrooms: many find it somewhat tart but not as unpleasant as many mushrooms. The taste of the sclerotia can be described as a nutty flavor followed by an aftertaste of sharp and long lasting astringency. Effects are identical to those of other magic mushrooms.

Medical use

No medical uses have been reported so far.


Mycotaxon 7(2): 373 (1978)

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