Psilocybe galindoi is a psychedelic mushroom in the section Mexicana, having psilocybin and psilocin as its main active compounds. It is also known as P. galindii, the mushroom was named in honor of Mr. Carlos Galindo Arias and his family by Dr. Gastón Guzmán‎.


  • Cap: 1.9 — 2 cm in diameter, conic to campanulate or umbonate, with a very slight papilla, glabrous, even to striate when moist, hygrophanous, brown or yellowish brown fading to pale ochraceous or straw color. Staining blue-green where injured.
  • Gills: Adnate, brown to dark purple brown, with whitish edges.
  • Stipe: 5 — 6.5 cm x 1 — 2 mm, equal, hollow, no annulus, reddish brown in the middle, darker towards the base with long rhizomorphic strands. Veil inconspicuous, except for some white appressed silky fibrils on the pileus.
  • Spores: Dark purple gray in deposit. (8.1)9.6 — 12(14) x 7.1 — 8 µm, subrhomboid in face view or subellipsoid in side view(around 1 µm), yellowish brown, thick walled with a broad germ pore.
  • Odor: Farinaceous
  • Taste: Farinaceous
  • Microscpoic Features: Basidia: 18 — 24 x 7.2 — 9.6 µm, hyaline, 4-spored, ventricose. Pleurocystidia: 14.4 — 21 x 7 — 8.4 µm, hyaline, fusoid-ampullaceous, with short necks.

Distribution and habitat

Psilocybe galindoi is found growing gregarious in soil, at elevation, in tall grass in or near Pinus-Quercus forests in Mexico, most recently in Georgia.


  • Guzman, G. The Genus Psilocybe: A Systematic Revision of the Known Species Including the History, Distribution and Chemistry of the Hallucinogenic Species. Beihefte zur Nova Hedwigia Heft 74. J. Cramer, Vaduz, Germany (1983) [now out of print].
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