Psilocybe bohemica, is a psilocybin mushroom of the Agaricales family, having psilocybin, psilocin, and low amounts of baeocystin as main active compounds. This species is closely related to Psilocybe cyanescens, although the latter has a strong farinaceous odor and taste and is not translucent-striate when moist.


Psilocybe bohemica has no distinctive smell or taste.
Its cap is (1)2–4(5) cm in diameter and obtusely conical, later becoming campanulate or convex. It expands to broadly convex or plane in age and is incurved at first then plane or decurved with age. The cap is buff-brown to dingy orangish-brown and pale ochraceous when dry. It is smooth, hygrophanous, and slightly translucent-striate when moist but not viscid and without a separable gelatinous pellicle. The flesh is whitish to cream-colored, bruising blue when injured.
Spores are purple-brown, ellipsoid, slightly flattened, and thick-walled, with a distinct germ pore. It is 10–12.5 × 6–7.5 µm.
The gills are adnate to adnexed and close, often distinctly subdecurrent. They are initially light brown, becoming dark brown with age with a purple tint, the edges remaining paler.
The stipe is 4.5-8(10) cm by 2–10 mm. It has an equal structure, slightly enlarging at the base. It is whitish with a silky gloss and glabrous, or with some whitish remnants of the fibrillose veil.


Psilocybe bohemica is found growing singly or in groups, on well decayed deciduous and coniferous wood, on twigs, compost, plant residue, in gardens, parks, on roadsides, in rich soil.

Alkaloid content

Psilocybin levels in this species were found to vary between 0.11% up to 1.34% by dry weight.[1] The content of baeocystin and psilocybin was highest in the caps of the mushrooms.


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