Psilocybe australiana is a species of psychoactive mushroom found in Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. Commonly found growing on Eucalyptus and pine mulch,[1] as well as on soil with wood or leafy debris, on tracks and roadsides, in Pinus radiata plantations, or in temperate rain forests.[2] The mushroom was originally discovered by Gaston Guzman and Roy Watling.[3] Further research by New Zealand mycologist Peter Buchanan has shown Psilocybe australiana to be a variant of Psilocybe subaeruginosa.[1]

Commonly it is a large umbonate mushroom with a sharp nipple, orangy brown hygrophanous cap, often with a margin flecked with white veil remnants and strongly visible radial lines. The stem is a strong white with a consistent radius, and turns chestnust brown when the flesh is broken. The gills are very crowded and ascend toward the stem. They are whitish brown but soon become dark chocolate brown. The cap and stem often spotted with dark blue stains, and flesh quickly stains bluish/black upon damage.[1]


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