Psilocybe aucklandii is a psychedelic mushroom, which has psilocybin and psilocin as main active compounds.


Psilocybe aucklandii has a farinaceous smell and taste.
The cap is 2–5 cm, conical to plane, chestnut brown, hygrophanous, and bruises blue/green where damaged. It often has a broad umbo.
The gills are cream-colored when young and violet yellowish brown in age, with an adnate attachment.
Psilocybe aucklandii spores are dark violet brown, oblong to ellipsoid, and 7 x 4 µm. The stipe is 4–9 cm long and .2–.5 cm thick. It is brown and bruises blueish. The stipe is pruinose, with fibrils near the base.

Distribution and habitat

Psilocybe aucklandii grows in leaf litter and woody debris near Auckland, New Zealand.


  • Guzman G, Bandala VM, King C. (1991). A new species of Psilocybe of section zapotecorum from New Zealand. Mycological Research 95(4): 507-508.

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