Provo, Utah is the third largest city in Utah and one of the oldest cities in the state.

It is the home of Brigham Young University. It also has the largest Missionary Training Center and is the site of the Provo Utah Temple. It has also long been the home of FARMS. It is second only to Salt Lake City for the publications of Latter-day Saint materials.

Provo is the County Seat of Utah County and the focal point of business and cultural activities throughout the county.

There are 40 stakes in Provo, including 22 BYU stakes and a Tongan-speaking stake. The Tongan speaking stake includes units throughout Utah Valley, but the other stakes are close to being entirely in Provo. As of October, 2008, there were aproximately ten Spanish-speaking Church units in Provo as well as a Korean and a Chinese speaking unit.

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