Pronoe (Greek: Προνόη "forethought") refers to six characters in Greek mythology.

1. Pronoe, one of the Nereids.[1]

2. Pronoe, daughter of Phorbus. She married Aetolus and bore him Pleuron and Calydon.[2]

3. Pronoe, daughter of Melampus, king of Argos, and Iphianeira, daughter of Megapenthes. She was considered to be a seer.[3]

4. Pronoe, a nymph. She was the mother of the Trojan Lassus. Lassus was killed by Podalirius during the Trojan War.[4]

5. Pronoe, a Naiad of a river in Lycia. She told Caunus what had happened to his sister Byblis (that she had killed himself), and persuaded him to stay with her on condition that he receive rulership of the country of Lycia or Caria. The couple had a son Aegialus who inherited the kingdom upon his father's death.[5]

6. Pronoe, daughter of the river god Asopus, mother of Phocus by Poseidon[6].


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