1. "...against entertaining the thought that there exists a deity except Hashem." (Negative 1)
  2. "...Against making any graven image [& against having anyone else make one for us]." (Negative 2)
  3. "...Against making idols for use by others." (Negative 3)
  4. "...Against making any forbidden statues [even when they are for ornamental purposes]." (Negative 4)
  5. "...Against bowing to any idol [& not to sacrifice nor to pour libation nor to burn incense before any idol, even where it is not the customary manner of worship to the particular idol]." (Negative 5)
  6. "...against worshipping idols in any of their customary manners of worship." (Negative 6)
  7. "...against causing our children to pass [through the fire] in the worship of Molech." (Negative 7)
  8. "...against practicing Ov." (Negative 8)
  9. "...against practicing Yiddoni." (Negative 9)
  10. "...against turning to idolatry [in word, in thought, in deed, or by any observance that may draw us to its worship]." (Negative 10)
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