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Pro-life is the name given to people or organizations who defend the fetal rights of the unborn child, and who oppose abortion.

While "pro-abortion" seems to be an accurate term for fetal rights opponents who support taxpayer-funded abortion, pro-choice is the term that describes the feelings of the majority of liberals, and by which they would prefer to be called.

Due to rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court, the United States allows abortions at virtually any time in pregnancy. Many state governments even pay for abortions using taxpayer dollars, usually due to a court order rather than the will of the people.

In American politics, the Republican and Constitution Parties are strongly opposed to abortion on a moral basis and believe it should be illegal. The Democratic Party supports abortion and opposes legal restrictions. Leaders in the Democratic Party, such as its presidential candidates, also support taxpayer-funded abortion. However some Democrats such as the Blue Dog Democrats often hold pro-life views, and some Republicans such as Rudy Giuliani hold pro-choice views.

The phrase "pro-life," especially in the Catholic Church, may include other issues relating to human life, such as euthanasia and the death penalty.

Criticism by liberals

In an effort to confront the Pro-life network, liberals are promoting a new lexicon called 'Forced-birthers' so as to deny recognized sexual liabilities such as the parental responsibility for fetuses. This alludes to the fact that pro-life people want a women to carry a child to her God given term of nine-months, thereby in liberals small thought process 'forcing' her to carry a baby to birth. Liberals use the forced-birthers remark to mock those who don't support a right to heartless slaughter.

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