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The term Scientology is usually taken to mean:
  1. the subject authored by L. Ron Hubbard as it can be found in published books and recordings; or
  2. the official organizations and the staffers and customers connected with them loosely known by the umbrella term Church of Scientology; or
  3. both together.

All will be covered here. There is an article at Scientology:About with a longer explanation

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Jesus in Scientology

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard described Scientology as "the Western Anglicized continuance of many earlier forms of wisdom", and cites the teachings of Jesus Christ among belief systems of those "earlier forms". Jesus is recognized in Scientology as part of its "religious heritage," and "is seen as only one of many good teachers."

Hubbard states in Volunteer Ministers Handbook: "Man is basically good but he could not attain expression of this until now. Nobody but the individual could die for his own sins -- to arrange things otherwise was to keep man in chains."

Spiritual state of Jesus

In Scientology, Jesus is classified as below the level of Operating Thetan, and a "shade above" the condition of "Clear". According to Philip R. Roberts in The Apologetics Study Bible, "Scientology's upper-level materials tout the concept of Jesus as God as being a fiction that ought to be removed by 'auditing'".


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Doctrine of Exchange

The Doctrine of Exchange is a central tenet of Scientology, which dictates that for spiritual well-being, "anytime a person receives something, he must pay something back" and balance "inflow" with "outflow". The Church of Scientology has presented this as the reason why some of its services, such as auditing (a central practice, and sometimes described as the central practice of Scientology), must never be given away, to members who are at the church, but must be paid for. This is frequently used by the Church as an explanation for the fixed pricing of its many fees.

The Church of Scientology has argued in its requests for tax exemption that Scientology courses must have fixed fees - a practice that otherwise goes against the prohibition of quid pro quo transactions in tax-exempt organizations - because of this religious doctrine


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  • Granpa


    June 9, 2018 by Granpa

    Law of Karma: your external world is a reflection of your internal world.

    Path to Nirvana (Liberation from Samsara):

    1st stage (Stream-enterer)
    Finite faith ("Homelessness")
    2nd stage (Once-returner)
    Moral discipline (Divine "discipline"/Boot camp)
    Union with the divine
    3rd stage (Nonreturner) (Rebirth in…
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  • Samadhi Wisdom

    What is mindfulness and what is Samadhi? What exactly are the “Deviant Dharma Doors and External Ways” that the Buddha often warns about in the Sutras? The answer can be easily illustrated by a simple example: If the human body is a car and the mind is the driver, then mindfulness and samadhi refer…

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  • Granpa

    Psychological types

    January 7, 2018 by Granpa

    Drive theory
    Deductive Curiosity/Anti-Curiosity Time/Anti-Time
    Inductive Empathy/Anti-Empathy Sympathy/Indifference
    Standard Myers-Briggs (Either/or)
    Deductive Intuition/Sensing Introvert/Extravert
    Inductive Feeling/Thinking (F/M) Judging/Perception
    Myers-Briggs (Both)
    Deductive ???? Ambivert

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  • Granpa

    Garden of Aden

    January 7, 2018 by Granpa

    And the head El-o-hym layeth a charge on the man, saying, `Of every Rhod of the garden eating thou dost eat; and of the Rhod seeing and knowing Good&Evil, thou dost eat of it, NOT, thou shalt die-die in the day that thou eatest thereof'

    (or "and of the Rhod Good-Reu-Seeing-El, thou dost eat of it, f…

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  • Granpa


    December 27, 2017 by Granpa

    A theist is someone that believes that God exists. An atheist is someone that believes God does not exist.

    The truth is you shouldn't believe anything. You should always know.

    If I have a coin with two heads and I flip it then I know that it will land heads.

    If it has one heads and one Tails then I do…

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  • Granpa

    Ark of salvation

    December 27, 2017 by Granpa

    Ark = Infinite house = New Jerusalem = Paradise = Salvation

    It isn't God that you need saved from. God is on your side. It's the devil that wants to send you to the lake of fire (the sun). In fact the devil is the Lake of Fire.

    The devil is not evil because no thing and no person is infinitely bad. B…

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