There has been much confusion of the numbering of Popes John, due to the legend of another pope John between John XIV and John XV, and the antipapacy of John XVI. The sequence of Johns is now two off.

John Dates of Papacy Notes #
There is no controversy regarding the numbering of the popes John before XV
I  • II  • III  • IV  • V  • VI  • VII  • Anti-VIII  • VIII  • IX  • X  • XI  • XII  • XIII
Pope John XIV 983984 Pietro Canepanova 14
John Medieval historians misreading the Liber Pontificalis assumed another Pope John between Pope John XIV and the true Pope John XV, mistaking him with the historical character of cardinal deacon John son of Robert, that opposed to Antipope Boniface VII.
Pope John XV 985996 John sometimes called XVI because of legendary predecessor, born to confusion between the reign of Boniface VII, the four month-long imprisonment of John XIV signed as a distinct pontificate in the Liber Pontificalis and the historical cardinal deacon John son of Robert that opposed to Boniface VII after death of John XIV 15
Antipope John XVI 997998 Johannes Philagathos or Piligato or Filagatto An antipope, according to conventional wisdom, and thus his regnal number XVI should have been reused. This occurred, but some centuries later the sequencing was wrongly "corrected" by some medieval historians and it has never been corrected again. He was elected in opposition to Pope Gregory V (996999).
Pope John XVII 1003 Sicco Took the number XVI, but some historians corrected his number in XVII despite XVI having been an antipope.
Sometimes called John XVII (XVIII) due to legend of another John between XIV & XV.
Pope John XVIII 10041009 Fasanius He took the number XVII, but some historians corrected his number to include Antipope John XVI. Sometimes called John XVIII (XIX) due to legend of another John between XIV & XV. 17
Pope John XIX 10241032 Romanus He took the number XVIII, but some historians corrected his number to include Antipope John XVI. 18
Pope John XX There has never been a Pope John XX because Pedro Julião on election decided to skip the number XX and to be counted as John XXI instead. He wanted to correct what in his time was believed to be an error in the counting of his predecessors John XVXIX.
Pope John XXI 12761277 Pedro Julião
romanised as Petrus Hispanus
Pope John XXII 13161334 Jacques Duèze 20
Antipope John XXIII 14101415 Baldassare Cossa
Pope John XXIII 19581963 Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Roncalli's choice of XXIII rather than XXIV confirmed the antipope status of Antipope John XXIII. 21
Popes of the Roman Catholic Church
PeterLinusAnacletusClement IEvaristusAlexander ISixtus ITelesphorusHyginusPius IAnicetusSoterEleuterusVictor IZephyrinusCallixtus IUrban IPontianAnterusFabianCorneliusLucius IStephen ISixtus IIDionysiusFelix IEutychianCaiusMarcellinusMarcellus IEusebiusMiltiadesSilvester IMarkJulius ILiberiusDamasus ISiriciusAnastasius IInnocent IZosimusBoniface ICelestine ISixtus IIILeo IHilariusSimpliciusFelix IIIGelasius IAnastasius IISymmachusHormisdasJohn IFelix IVBoniface IIJohn IIAgapetus ISilveriusVigiliusPelagius IJohn IIIBenedict IPelagius IIGregory ISabinianBoniface IIIBoniface IVAdeodatus IBoniface VHonorius ISeverinusJohn IVTheodore IMartin IEugene IVitalianAdeodatus IIDonusAgathoLeo IIBenedict IIJohn VCononSergius IJohn VIJohn VIISisinniusConstantineGregory IIGregory IIIZacharyStephen IIPaul IStephen IIIAdrian ILeo IIIStephen IVPaschal IEugene IIValentineGregory IVSergius IILeo IVBenedict IIINicholas IAdrian IIJohn VIIIMarinus IAdrian IIIStephen VFormosusBoniface VIStephen VIRomanusTheodore IIJohn IXBenedict IVLeo VSergius IIIAnastasius IIILandoJohn XLeo VIStephen VIIJohn XILeo VIIStephen VIIIMarinus IIAgapetus IIJohn XIILeo VIIIBenedict VJohn XIIIBenedict VIBenedict VIIJohn XIVJohn XVGregory VSilvester IIJohn XVIIJohn XVIIISergius IVBenedict VIIIJohn XIXBenedict IXSilvester IIIBenedict IXGregory VIClement IIBenedict IXDamasus IILeo IXVictor IIStephen IXNicholas IIAlexander IIGregory VIIVictor IIIUrban IIPaschal IIGelasius IICallixtus IIHonorius IIInnocent IICelestine IILucius IIEugene IIIAnastasius IVAdrian IVAlexander IIILucius IIIUrban IIIGregory VIIIClement IIICelestine IIIInnocent IIIHonorius IIIGregory IXCelestine IVInnocent IVAlexander IVUrban IVClement IVGregory XInnocent VAdrian VJohn XXINicholas IIIMartin IVHonorius IVNicholas IVCelestine VBoniface VIIIBenedict XIClement VJohn XXIIBenedict XIIClement VIInnocent VIUrban VGregory XIUrban VIBoniface IXInnocent VIIGregory XIIMartin VEugene IVNicholas VCallixtus IIIPius IIPaul IISixtus IVInnocent VIIIAlexander VIPius IIIJulius IILeo XAdrian VIClement VIIPaul IIIJulius IIIMarcellus IIPaul IVPius IVPius VGregory XIIISixtus VUrban VIIGregory XIVInnocent IXClement VIIILeo XIPaul VGregory XVUrban VIIIInnocent XAlexander VIIClement IXClement XInnocent XIAlexander VIIIInnocent XIIClement XIInnocent XIIIBenedict XIIIClement XIIBenedict XIVClement XIIIClement XIVPius VIPius VIILeo XIIPius VIIIGregory XVIPius IXLeo XIIIPius XBenedict XVPius XIPius XIIJohn XXIIIPaul VIJohn Paul IJohn Paul IIBenedict XVI

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