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The Pontifical Council Cor Unum for Human and Christian Development is a part of the Curia of the Catholic Church. It was established by Pope Paul VI on 15 July 1971 and is based in the Palazzo San Callisto, in Piazza San Callisto, Rome.

The name of the pontifical council means "one heart", a name that was explained by Paul VI in a speech given in 1972 : "So we were able to give your ecclesial action for aid the name of one heart, a heart that beats in rhythm with the heart of Christ, whose pity for the hungry multitudes reaches them even in their spiritual hunger". [1]

Its mission is "the care of the Catholic Church for the needy, thereby encouraging human fellowship and making manifest the charity of Christ", and it undertakes this mission by carrying out humanitarian relief operations following disasters, fostering charity, and encouraging cooperation and coordination of other Catholic organizations.

The Council has a President, Secretary, Under-secretary, 38 Members and 9 Consultors, all appointed for five year terms, plus a permanent staff of 9. The current President is Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes, with Monsignor Karel Kasteel as Secretary and Monsignor Giovanni Pietro Dal Toso as Under-Secretary.

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