In Greek mythology, Polydorus (pronounced: /ˌpɒl|ɨˈdɔrəs/ or /ˌpɒlɨˈdɒrəs/; Ancinet Greek: Πολύδωρος, i.e. "many-gift[ed]") referred to several different people.

His death is also alluded to in Virgil's Aeneid, when Aeneas encounters a tree that bleeds while on his quest to found a new home for the Trojan people.

Polydorus is also the name of an Agiad King of Sparta. He was preceded by his father Alcmenes and succeeded by his son Eurycrates, reigning in the 7th century BCE. He fought in the latter part of the First Messenian War, alongside the Eurypontid king Theopompus.

According to Plutarch's Life of Lycurgus (Section 8), Polydorus may have had a role in reorganising the distribution of land in Laconia.

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