In Greek mythology, Poeas, or Poias was one of the Argonauts and a friend of Heracles.

As an Argonaut, Poeas is identified as the greatest archer of the group. When facing the giant Talos, some accounts say Medea drugged the bronze giant and Poeas shot an arrow to poison him in his heel.

More famously, Poeas had a role in the apotheosis of Heracles. When Heracles realized he was dying from the poisonous blood of Nessus the centaur, he demanded a funeral pyre built and lit once he stood atop it. Yet, none of his own men would light the pyre, a passer-by (Poeas) was asked by Heracles to light the pyre. In return for this favor Heracles bestowed his famed bow and poison arrows upon Poeas. Other versions had his son Philoctetes as the passer-by or that Poeas assigned Philoctetes the task.

Poeas was also the king of Meliboea in Thessaly.

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