The Plains of Heshlon are a geographical location in the Book of Mormon. In the Book of Ether, the plains were a battlefield where warring factions of Jaredites fought. The battle started in the Valley of Gilgal, when Coriantumr led his armies in battle against Shared. Shared had overthrown Cortiantumr as king and placed him in captivity. Coriantumr's sons, however, overthrew Shared and freed their father. Upon being freed, Coriantumr gathered his armies and pursued Shared until he was able to take him on in battle. After three days of fighting, Shared and his armies fled to the Plains of Heshlon. Coriantumr pursued them until the battle again commenced on the plains. Shared's armies rallied against Coriantumr and sent his armies retreating back to the valley of Gilgal. Shared pursued him, only to be slain by Coriantumr in battle.[1]

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