Piyadassi Thera (1914-1998) was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka and attended Nalanda College and the University of Sri Lanka. In 1934 he ordained under the tutelage of Ven. Vajirañana, Sangha Nayaka, a respected authority on Buddhism. The author of some sixty books, Ven. Piyadassi was a popular television and radio lecturer of Dhamma, both in Sinhala and in English. He represented Sri Lanka at several international religious and cultural conferences. He passed away in Colombo in 1998 after a brief illness.

Buddhist publications

  • The Book of Protection (Paritta) translated and explained by Piyadassi Thera (1999; 200k/67pp.)
  • The Seven Factors of Enlightenment by Piyadassi Thera (Buddhist Publication Society Wheel Publication No. 1; 1960; 62k/18pp.)
  • "The Fact of Impermanence," by Piyadassi Thera, in Three Basic Facts of Existence, The: Volume 1, Impermanence (Buddhist Publication Society "Wheel" No. 186/187; 1981; 152k/43pp.)

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