Pitirim of Krutitsy (Russian: Питирим Крутицкий) (? - April, 1673) was the ninth Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

When Nikon held the post of patriarch, Pitirim was a metropolitan of Krutitsy. When Nikon willfully left the altar, Pitirim became his deputy and acted on his own as a real patriarch without even dealing with Nikon. When an ecumenical council gathered for hearing of Nikon's case, Pitirim was one of his most bitter opponents and accusers, probably, hoping to fill his post after his official deposition. Pitirim didn't succeed, however, because the council chose Joasaphus II over him. Only after the latter's death in 1672, Pitirim was appointed patriarch and remained on this post until his death a year later.

Prior to being named Metropolitan of Krutitsy, he had been Metropoltian of Novgorod for almost eight years (August 6, 1664 – July 7, 1672).1


1 Pavel Tikhomirov, Kafedra Novgorodskikh Sviatitelei (Novgorod, 1895), Vol. 2.

Orthodox Church titles
Preceded by
Joasaphus II
Patriarch of Moscow
Succeeded by

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