In Aztec mythology, Piltzintecuhtli was a god of the rising sun, healing,[1] and visions, associated with Tonatiuh. The name means "the Young Prince". It may have been another name for Tonatiuh, but he is also mentioned as a possibly unique individual, the husband of Xochiquetzal. He was the lord of the third hour of the night.[2] Piltzintecuhtli was said to be the son of Oxomoco and Cipactonal (the first man and woman that were created) and was seen as a protector of children.[3] He was identified as the Youthful Sun.[3]

Known also as "7 Flower," he was also a god of hallucinatory plants, including mushrooms.[4]

He was considered the father of Centeotl, a deity who was sacrificed in order to bring forth plants.[2]



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