Pierre Petit de Julleville, was a French Catholic priest, who became archbishop of Rouen. On February 18, 1946, Pope Pius XII elevated him into the College of Cardinals.

The baptismal name of Pierre Petit de Julleville was Pierre-André-Charles. He attended the seminary of Saint-Sulpice, and, the University of Sorbonne, both in Paris.[1] Pierre Petit de Julleville was ordained, July 4, 1903, in Paris. After ordination he continued the following two years additional theological studies. In 1905 he was named faculty member of the Grand Seminary of Issy Paris, where he taught from 1905—1910. He was Canon of the cathedral chapter and superior the of School of Sainte-Croix-de-Neuilly, Neuilly, from 1910-1914, and, after the war from 1918- 1927. During World War I, in all the war years 1914-1918, Pierre Petit de Julleville was military chaplain.[1]

Pierre Petit de Julleville was elected bishop of Dijon, on June 23, 1927. He was consecrated, September 29, 1927, in the metropolitan cathedral of Paris, by Cardinal Louis-Ernest Dubois, archbishop of Paris. He was promoted the to metropolitan see of Rouen, August 7, 1936, where he acted as Apostolic administrator of the see of Dijon, September 18, 1936 to May 15, 1937.[1] Pope Pius XII created him cardinal priest, February 18, 1946; Pierre Petit de Julleville received the title of S. Maria in Aquiro, February 22, 1946. He died shortly later in 1947 Rouen and is buried in the metropolitan cathedral of Rouen. [1]


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