Styles of
Pierre Eyt
CardinalCoA PioM
Reference style His Eminence
Spoken style Your Eminence
Informal style Cardinal
See Bordeaux

Pierre Étienne Louis Eyt S.T.D. (born 4 June 1934 - 11 June 2001) was a French Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and Metropolitan Archbishop of Bordeaux and Bazes.

Early life and ordination

He was born in Laruns, France as the son of Jean Eyt and Josephine Gabastou. He was educated at the Institute of Juridical and Economic Studies in Pau, the Seminary of Pius XI, the Seminary of the Catholic Institute and at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome where he earned his doctorate in theology. He was ordained on 29 June 1961.

Pastoral work

After his ordaination he did pastoral work in the diocese of Bayonne from 1961 until 1963. He then worked as a faculty member and later vice-rector and then rector of the Catholic Institute of Toulouse and then rector of the Catholic Institute in Paris in 1981. He also served as a Member of the International Theological Commission.


Pope John Paul II appointed him coadjutor Archbishop of Bordeaux on 7 June 1986. He was consecrated on 28 September of that year by Marius Maziers who was assisted by Jean-Marie Lustiger then Archbishop of Paris, and by André Collini, archbishop of Toulouse. He succeeded to the Metropolitan see of Bordeaux on 31 May 1989.


He was created and proclaimed Cardinal Priest of SS. Trinità al Monte Pincio in the consistory of November 26, 1994. He died on 11 June 2001 in Bordeaux and is buried at the cemetery of Laruns, where he was born.

Preceded by
Marius Maziers
Archbishop of Bordeaux
31 May 1989–11 June 2001
Succeeded by
Jean-Pierre Ricard
Preceded by
Albert Decourtray
Cardinal Protector of SS. Trinità al Monte Pincio
26 November 1994–11 June 2001
Succeeded by
Louis-Marie Billé
no:Pierre Étienne Louis Eyt

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