Pierre Desprès (born 1288, Montpezat — died 1361, Avignon) was a French Cardinal during the period of Avignon Papacy. He was son of Raymond II Desprès, seigneur of Montpezat.

He was bishop of Riez (March 31, 1318 – September 11, 1318) and archbishop of Aix (September 11, 1318 – December 20, 1320). He received the episcopal consecration from Cardinal Nicolò Albertini, bishop of Ostia e Velletri, on May 7, 1318. Pope John XXII created him Cardinal Priest with the title of S. Pudenziana in the consistory of December 20, 1320. Then he was named bishop of Palestrina (May 25, 1323) and Vice-Chancellor of the Holy Roman Church (in April 1325). He became Dean of the College of Cardinals on June 4, 1336; as such, he presided over Papal conclave, 1342 and Papal conclave, 1352. During pontificate of Clement VI he served as papal legate to establish peace between France and England in the Hundred Years' War. His mission was only partially successful (he arranged a truce in Malestroit in January 1343). He died of plague on May 16 or September 30, 1361, at the age of 73.

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