Template:Expand Italian Pierina Morosini (7 January 1931 - 4 April 1957) was born in Fiobbio, a frazione of Albino, Bergamo, Italy on 7 January 1931 to farmers Rocco Morosini and Sara Noris.

The first of nine children, Morosini grew up in a small village near the mountains in very difficult time during World War II. She soon became a member of Catholic Action.

Pierina became a seamstress, like many other young women of Fiobbio, in a textile plant in Albino. She left her village only once in her life, to attend the beatification of Santa Maria Goretti in Vatican City.

The murder

On 4 April 1957, 26-year-old Pierina was walking home and a man came up to her. He made lewd comments to her and tried to rape her. Pierina attempted to defend herself and she was beaten to death by him with stones.


The Diocesan trial of her beatification process was closed in 1976 by bishop Clemente Gaddi.

Pope John Paul II declared Pierina blessed on 4 October 1987 in St Peter Basilica Vatican City[1].


  1. Vatican : The Martyrs of our century beatified by Pope John Paul II
Original source: Vatican website (Italian)cs:Pierina Morosinisv:Pierina Morosini

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