Photius of Kiev (Фотий Киевский in Russian) (died July 2 or February 7, 1431), Metropolitan of Kiev and all Rus', Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia, of Greek descent.

In 1407, Photius was appointed Metropolitan of all Russia with the title of Metropolitan of Kiev and Vladimir. In 1408, he was transferred to Moscow and became Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia. In Moscow, however, Photius had to deal with a lot of adversities, such as drought, starvation, pestilence and fires, which had fallen upon Russia. Photius found his metropolitan residence ravaged and ecclesiastic treasury empty. Everything seemed to be in chaos and he didn't know a single word of Russian.

Photius is remembered as a clergyman, who helped the poor and took good care of his Russian flock like none of the foreign bishops. He built a church and the so-called house of silence and prayer on the Sengo Lake not far from Vladimir, where he used to retreat for meditation. In 1430, when Photius was in Vladimir, the Mongols raided the city, but he managed to escape to the lake. He stayed there for 3 months until the Grand Prince of Moscow sent for him.

They say that after his return to Moscow an angel appeared before Photius and told him about his forthcoming death. He died 7 days later.

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