Phillip Jensen is a prominent Australian clergyman of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, currently the Dean of St. Andrew's Cathedral in Sydney. He is the brother of Peter Jensen, the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney. Phillip Jensen has been described as deeply conservative in his Calvinist theology yet radical and iconoclastic in his ministry style.


Phillip Jensen studied theology at Moore Theological College, and won the Hey Sharp prize for coming first in the ThL (Licenciate of Theology), a year after his brother Peter also won it.


University of New South Wales

Phillip became the Anglican Chaplain at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in 1975.

Basing his University ministry around expository preaching, "walk-up evangelism" and Ministry Training, Phillip Jensen and Campus Bible Study revolutionised student ministry in Sydney. The result was a large number of conversions, large student gatherings at UNSW, and the growth of St Matthias from a group of 20-30 in 1977 to well over 1000 by the mid 1990s.

St Matthias

Phillip became Rector of St Matthias, Centennial Park, in 1977.

Ministry Training Strategy

Phillip Jensen's work at UNSW included the creation of the Ministry Training Strategy (MTS) which took willing young men and women and trained them in practical ministry skills, preparing them for a lifetime of ministry, ordained or otherwise. Other initiatives included the establishment of a publishing company - Matthias Media.

It was the strong growth of the MTS strategy in other universities and churches throughout the 1980s and 1990s that saw student numbers at Moore Theological College grow from around 150 in 1985 to over 400 in 2004. Many of these graduates are now Rectors of Anglican Churches in Sydney, and leaders in many evangelical churches throughout Sydney and the world.

St Andrew's Cathedral

In 2003 the Cathedral Chapter of St Andrew's Cathedral in Sydney appointed Phillip Jensen as Dean of St Andrew's Cathedral in Sydney. Attendance has strongly increased since his appointment, and the cathedral now has many services, both traditional and contemporary.


Jensen authored the popular Two Ways To Live Evangelistic tract, and founded The Briefing, an insightful and sometimes polemical magazine that mixes conservative Evangelical and Calvinistic theology with intellectual rigour. Phillip Jensen has also authiored numerous books and Bible studies on practical Christian living.

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