According to the Book of Genesis, Pharez/Pיrez (Hebrew: פֶּרֶץ / פָּרֶץ, Modern Péreẓ / Páreẓ Tiberian Péreṣ / Pāreṣ ; "Breach") was the son of Tamar and of Judah, and was the twin of Zerah[1]. The text argues that he was called Perez because he was the first twin to be born, and thus had breached the womb[2]. According to biblical scholars, the birth narrative here is an eponymous aetiological myth concerning the ethnological origin of parts of the tribe of Judah[3][4].

The book of Ruth lists Perez as being part of the ancestral genealogy of King David[5], and the Book of Matthew consequently mentions him when specifying the genealogy of Jesus[6]

See also

  • The story of the writing on the wall (Book of Daniel) mentions an Aramaic word that is sometimes transcribed as Phares.


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