Peter of Callinicum (died 591) was a late sixth century non-Chalcedonian patriarch of Antioch (581-591) who responded at length in Syriac to accusations of tritheism formulated by his colleague , Damian of Alexandria (557/8-606/7) in his Adversus Tritheistas or Many-lined Letter. The work abounds in citations from earlier Greek authors, including the Cappadocians, John Chrysostom, Cyril of Alexandria as well as Severus of Antioch, translated into Syriac. It deals intensively with the theological and philosophical terminology involved with and illustrates the consequences of the rejection of the Chalcedonian Definition in Syriac monastic circles.


  • Petri Callinicensis Patriarchae Antiocheni Tractatus contra Damianum, ed. and tr. by R.Y.Ebied, A.Van Roey, L.R. Wickham, Corpus Christianorum, Series Graeca 29, 1994;32, 1996; 54, 2003.

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